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Hi I'm Alysia Gradney, I simplify marketing strategies and supporter journey's for nonprofits, fundraisers, social entrepreneurs, and corporate social responsibility teams.


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 Together will make your mission irresistible.

― Alysia Gradney

Let's work together to change the world.

Alysia is an award-winning, certified marketing professional with 15+ years of experience. She uses a human-centered design to help people inspire action through time-saving tools, marketing tactics,  communication tips, coaching, and more.


Discover new ways to create supporter touchpoints that attract, engage,  and inspire your audience.


Maximize your mission with 1:1 support to help you build connections and reach your goals.

Let's energize your supporters to take action, donate, advocate, volunteer, buy, and promote your cause.

Consultations & VIP Sessions

No matter your purpose, you deserve support to help you reach your goals. Get customized 1:1 support to wow your supporters. 

Event Support & Production

Offering event advisory, sponsor strategy, branding, marketing, and production support for virtual, hybrid, and streamed events. 

Group Coaching

Direct-to-inbox coaching membership nonprofits, fundraisers, social entrepreneurs, and corporate social responsibility teams. 

Digital Marketplace

Professionally developed tools, guides, and courses created with proven marketing strategies that wow your supporters. 

Clients I've Worked With

Nice to meet you; I'm Alysia Gradney. Are you ready to change the world?

To support your mission, you may be wearing multiple hats. I want to help people like you avoid spending hours researching and developing results-focused supporter journeys, social media content, email campaigns, and more

My ultimate goal is to use my 15+ years of marketing experience to help you save time and change the world while looking like a pro. That’s why I started The Gudz.

Certified Marketer
Working Mom
Karaoke Superstar
Tea Lover

Discover 3 ways to attract supporters online.

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Let's make a difference together.

Grow your impact, supporters, and reach without feeling overwhelmed.

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Together we'll wow your supporters with mission-driven campaigns, events, and touchpoints that inspire action.

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